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Quickly and Easily Create Amazing 3D eCover Images For Your Products Directly from Your PC with Just A Few Mouse Clicks...and Skyrocket, by At Least 150%, Your Conversions – Sales and Opt-ins!

This is REAL - No Magic at all! Seriously, this piece of useful and amazing software will:

Rapidly and easily transform your images into 3D eCovers in Seconds (No Action scripts and No Photoshop software needed);

Make your product and website look professional...like it's worth a million bucks or more (attracting those SALES you've always wanted).

(click on the "PLAY" button to watch the video below
and see how fast and easy creating eCovers could be!)

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From: Richard Onochie
Re: How To Speedily & Easily Create Amazing 3D Ecovers With A Few Mouse Clicks!

Fellow Website Owner,
Internet Marketer & Graphics Designer...

Certainly, you'll agree with me that...the task of getting traffic back to your site is never an easy task. Most times, it involves you paying through your nose just to buy these traffic. Right?

But saddening enough,...you work this hard – day in and day out – to get traffic (free and paid) back to your website, only to have your visitors leave straight off without even stopping to listen to what you've got to say to them...simply because your website looks total "trash and unprofessional!"

Very sad indeed, I must say!

However, the truth is, nobody wants to listen to junk, let alone buy trash! This is exactly what's in the visitors mind when they see a junky website that doesn't have a professional and clean eCover representing its 'amazing' product on offer.

Please, don't misunderstand me here. Look, you may have the 'best' product in the world, and only you'll know that;...but if your site looks trashy, your product must be more than just too amazing for it to sell!

What am I really saying?

Convincingly, what I'm saying here is that Looks Matter! – And that's the plain truth!!

Let's look at this simple everyday example...

“In A World Where.... People Judge A Product Mostly By Its COVER,..
Product Owners Have No Choice Than To Give Their Products Stunning Covers If They're Serious About Getting Maximum Attention!”

For instance, I'm a novels freak, I mean, I read a lot of novels. Then I entered a bookstore and behold there're so many on display that I now get selective as to which novel I will buy and read. In order to filter down and decide which one to pick, I'll scan through the novels' covers.

When I find a cover that catches my attention, I'll pick it, check out the details to find out what it's about. If it's cool, I'll go ahead and buy it!

Wow! As you can see, it was the COVER and not the content that caught my interest first!

Generally, attractive, professional and clean looking cover attracts peoples' attention!

This applies not only to physical goods cover,...the same goes for eBook, Software, DVD, CD, and other digital downloadable products eCover.

In fact, this is just one of the built-in psychologies that humans have. Normally, good looking and attractive people and things are treated better in life...no need to debate that, coz it's a well know fact.

Given that looks really matter, it's then very clear that...

Attractive, Professional and Clean looking eCovers will catch the interest of your market – No Doubt!!

But, the BIG question is: "How Do You Create Stunning eCovers To Go With Your Products?!"

Well, don't worry because...I've already made everything so fast and simple for you!

  • You don't even need to spend huge money on action scripts and expensive software!

  • You don't even need to have much creativity cells in your brain!

  • All you need is to install one simple and easy-to-use software!

Now, allow me to Present...


Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 Compatible

With Fast Ecover Creator Software...
You Can Now Create Stunning ECovers For
eBooks, Boxes, CDs, DVDs And More!

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Look at all these amazing eCovers
You can create with Fast ECover Creator!

In Fact, . . .
With Fast ECover Creator Installed On Your Computer, You Will Be Able To...

Quickly and easily create 14 different eCover styles on the fly;

Import .psd, .jpg, .gif, .bmp or .png images directly into the software;

Create amazing looking eCovers with just a few mouse clicks;

Make eCovers without installing complex or expensive action scripts;

Save valuable time and money by not learning to use action scripts;

Make your website and product look more professional and clean.

Fast Ecover Creator software makes creating of 3D eCovers for ebooks, software boxes, DVDs, & CDs amazingly simple. Wow!

So whether you've just started designing or you're an experienced graphic designer, this really cool software application will make it "fast, easy and simple" to create amazing eCovers! No action script experience needed – whatsoever!

With Just A Few Simple Mouse Clicks...
You Can Quickly And Easily Create Professional And Clean Looking ECovers!

Now, let's check out the fastness and simplicity of this amazing software.

And here we go...

STEP #1: Select the eCover you want to use (ebook, box, DVD, or CD) for your product and click on "Apply".

STEP #2: Load images for your eCover or choose colors from the color palette (very easy).

STEP #3: Choose some preferences (size, resolution, shadow, reflection, transparency, etc) according to what suits your taste.

STEP #4: After, just click on the "Save picture" tab and export your new eCover image  to the desired file type (.jpg, .png, or .bmp).

Can You See How Quick and Easy That Was?
Just Four (4) Very Simple STEPS and You're DONE!

Click Here To Download Now!

As you can see, with Fast Ecover Creator software, you do not have to worry about compatibility with your graphics editor. Since this is a stand-alone software and not an action script, you don't have to have Photoshop to make it work.

As long as your graphics editor can import/export .png, .psd, .jpg, gif or .bmp then you can use this software to create amazing 3D eCovers with speed and ease!

With This Amazing Software
You Can Be Sure Of...

Finding ready-made 3D eCover style that suits your product or service;

Creating amazing and awesome eCovers in minutes–(No action scripts);

Having 'kick-butt' eCovers to go with your products anytime;

Producing professional, clean and attractive looking websites for your products;

Skyrocketing your Conversions – Sales and Opt-ins (by at least 150%);

Saving some bucks by not buying expensive and difficult to learn action scripts or hiring a graphic designer each time you need an eCover.

With all these astonishing benefits of having Fast Ecover Creator software installed on your computer, I'd say that this software is a best buy – really because...

"Fast Ecover Creator Will Save You Time, Stress & Money...
And Will Make Your Products And Websites Look Stunningly Great, Thereby Making You More Money!"

(No Doubt About That! It's Been Proven!!)


Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7 Compatible
(Recommended Retail Price $127!)

Now, take a look at what other people had
to say about Fast ECover Creator...

"Wow! Fast Ecover Creator software rocks! Not joking – it's really simple, fast and gives me professional results in minutes!

Jeez, what else can I say?!

I'm happy I got this software coz it saves me time plus lots of headache. A million thanks."

Gianna L., TX, US

"I'm relatively new to the website thing and I never thought I could do any design job on my own. I was told I could hire a designer for a couple of dollars to do my website including the ecover job for me.

But since I installed the ecover software and watched the bonus videos, I now design pro ecover from A to Z without difficulty. I just like this awesome package. Really recommends it."

Collin M.

As you can see from the testimonials above...other people just like you simply love this Fast ECover Creator.

So, why not go download the Fast ECover Creator software right now...and start making your life easier from today!

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**And because I’m so confident that Fast Ecover Creator is surely going to deliver superb result for  your eCover needs, I’m throwing an unwavering 30 Day Money Back Guarantee at you!

**If you're not satisfied, simply let us know within 30 days
and we'll refund you outright..no hassles!

And apart from the personal guarantee, I'm also going to give away "for FREE" TWO awesome Training Videos worth $197 as Bonus!

FEC Software Training Video!

Yes! A Comprehensive Training Video On How To Work With and Make The Best Use Of 'Fast Ecover Creator' Software!!

In fact, this training video will show you in great detail all the "ins and outs" of Fast Ecover Creator software. 

  • You learn 'EVERYTHING' on how to work with and make the best use of Fast Ecover Creator software in this video.

  • With this video, your learning curve on the use of FEC software will be pointing straight up!

BONUS #1 (Video)

A Powerful Video Tutorial On How To Create Stunning Images For Your Ecover Using The Best 'Free' Graphics Editor Around!

This FREE amazing image editor software I'll be introducing to you is a very good alternative to Adobe Photoshop which is an expensive software.

  • This free editor software works pretty much like Photoshop...and you can even use it to edit Photoshop document (.psd).

  • In case you're a newbie, you'll be shown around the software and taught some basics about working with the editor software.
  • You'll be shown how to use the editor software to create stunning images for your eCover (very simple!).

BONUS #2 (Video)

An Interesting Training Video On How To Make Finishing Touches and Modification To Your Ecover Image After Creating It With FEC Software!

In this awesome video, you'll be shown...

  • How to fine-tune and put in some finishing touches to your ecover image before using it on your website (how to crop, resize/scale, etc);
  • And how to modify your ecover image to look super amazing within minutes (I don't know how to describe this; just wait until you watch this video).

In fact, with Fast Ecover Creator software plus the bonus videos on your desktop, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from creating outstanding eCovers within minutes directly from your PC!

Believe me, things have never been this fast and easy too!

So, avail yourself of this great opportunity!

Right now, Go Ahead And Download
Fast ECover Creator Software + The Bonus
Videos For The 'Insane' Value Of...

Regular Price ($47/N7,000)  ($27/N4,000)

But Today, Only...$17 (or N2,500)!

Click To Order Right Away...Only $17 (or N2,500)!
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We Accept Payment Both Online and Off-line | Secure Online Checkout

Thank YOU...

and do enjoy creating fantastic eCovers the fast and easy way!

Richard Onochie

P.S. This 'crazy offer' will be raised very soon, and I mean it! Better secure your 'download right' now for just $17 (or N2,500) before it goes UP! [Simply click here to secure yours Right Now!]

P.P.S. Still remember that your order is backed by our 30 day money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with the software, just let us know and we'll refund you outright..no hassles!

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